Charity Concert

Charity Concert
07 Dec

" You always have to take risks. Only then we can understand how great miracle is life [...] "
Paulo Coelho

Risk parents decided to take the 10-year Hadyńskiego Bartek, who is struggling with a brain tumor. The boy from the beginning is being treated at the Center for Children's Health in Warsaw. There underwent chemo and radiotherapy further and tumor removal operations. Now there is another inoperable tumors. The only chance for Bartek is innovative treatment in the United States, which is very expensive.

A lot of good people helping Bartek and his family. 7.12 in the cycle ART._time organized concert and charity auction. At the beginning of the festive atmosphere brought guests Heaven Project team. Then appeared on the scene the star of the evening, that Dorothy and Mark Napiórkowski Miśkiewicz. They made a lot of great songs. The audience was delighted. After the musical part of the charity auction was held. At the auction was betting less and more expensive items. For a record $ 3.5 thousand. gold jersey was auctioned championship match of Euro 2012, the Polish national team player, James Błaszczykowski. There were also workshops in photography, a weekend in Krakow, albums and posters provided by the photographer Szymon Brodziak dress Niumi brand or designer Iwona Pfont Poznan and many, many others. During the whole event lasted a raffle where you can immediately see if fate was pulled happy. There also have been waiting many awards such as hair cosmetics company founded by BeaBeleza, tickets to the Museum Arkady Fiedler, or an invitation to SPA_larniDAY SPA. Courtesy puszczykowskiej Merloteka winery guests can enjoy delicious wine, while the chef prepared restaurant TASTE_it small snacks.

Throughout the evening, you could feel the good energy floating in the air. Willingness to help was omnipresent. In addition, you could feel the festival, which is rapidly approaching.

Total income from ticket sales, raffle and auction were donated to Bartek Hadyńskiego treatment. Collected over 30 thousand. gold!

All those who would like to help please on facebook Bartek www.facebook.com/Bartek.Hadynski

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