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Szymon Brodziak

HOT&SPA story

Simon Brodziak, born in 1979, is an artist photographer famous for his unusual photographs in black and white. He skilfully brings out the sensuality of his models, giving a light touch of eroticism to their elegance and beauty.

He took a degree in economics, but left the family business to devote to his passion for photography. He gained experience working in sessions of fashion and image campaigns, in which he specializes today.

He has been repeatedly honored with international awards in the field of photography. Among others, 3 gold medals Prix de la Potographie Paris in 2012, and Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award for ''continuous realization of your dreams and passion for the appointment of new paths in search of beauty". In 2013, during the Cannes Film Festival, he has been recognized as the world's best author of black-and-white advertising campaigns by the jury FashionTV Photographers Awards.

HOT_elarnia session

Session Szymon Brodziak inside HOT_elarnia and SPA_larni is consistent continuation of the artist, inspired by stylish interiors and an interesting environment of the complex. The resulting images capture the unique atmosphere parentheses art space, emphasizing the modernity luxury and elegance of the interior beauty of the human body. a few photographs gathered in the above gallery. More of his works can be admired in our surroundings.


We also encourage you to visit the artist's website: http: //www.szymonbrodziak .com /

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