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HOT_elarnia is an unique resort complex in Puszczykowo near Poznan - stylish boutique hotel, luxury spa, and - captivating with flavors and aromas - TASTE_it restaurant.

HOT_elarnia **** has unique and recognizable character. It is a place with exceptional architecture, designed with a great love for modern design. Bartosz Konieczny - architect of both objects, combined in his projects unconventional Polish traditions with innovative inspirations, creating an eclectic, yet cohesive whole. Representative road at the edge of the forest leads us to the charming building, whose whitewashed walls are surrounded by stone plinth, and its roof is covered with a thick layer of golden thatch.

Impact of the old Polish tradition, however, will not be found in the hotel after crossing the threshold. In the interiors of HOT_elarnia ****, guests can enjoy New Design by Fabio Novembre and Marcel Wanders, and in the rooms there are remarkable accents of Philippe Starck or Patricia Urquiola. What is worth attention is that the rooms in HOT_elarnia **** don't have numbers. Guests can find the rooms by following the color map woven into the carpet. Each of the rooms captivates us with its color, shape, individual arrangements, as well as an excellent development of space.

For the love of art

We believe in the regenerating work of beauty, which is why we take care of every detail and finishing equipment, surrounding our guests functional objects, but above all beautiful and works of art.

HOT_elarnia is also a place where we serve food for the spirit. As part of the cycle we host ART_time exhibitions, concerts and fashion shows. If you want to seduce an art, we would like to focus people around him who, through his unique talent shrug, delight, sometimes shocking, but always ask important questions.


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